Celebrity Travel Addicts: JB and Ren of Will Travel For Food

I Encounter Ren along with JB of Will Travel.

This adventuresome couple have traveled to each country’s regional restaurants.  So they have made it their mission food plays a major part in their journeys.  Meet with JB and Ren and have a look at in which she is their off to next and her Listing for Cappadocia!


How did your passion for traveling get started?

I started attending school at the US so I guess I got me accustomed to traveling at a young age when I was 13. I am from the Philippines so I’d take 2 flights a year.  I have done a great deal of travel inside the US. Ren has an identical narrative except she moved to the US after graduating from college.

How many days/weeks are you traveling in any given calendar year? What are the sorts of places?

We going a total of 2 months a year.  I work full-time hours although I am a location-independent designer.  Ren cares for her elderly parents therefore that we can’t be away for a long time. In addition, I don’t really like blending work. I don’t think I can although I understand many bloggers do it.   I am too easily distracted! After we’re traveling, I don’t wish to be working at all, and that includes creating content for our website.  The job comes after a trip.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: JB and Ren of Will Travel For Food

What is it that you want viewers to gain/ learn from photography and your work videos?

So areas with interesting or good food is a plus we love to travel and consume.  It’s an integral element in our travel choices.


I didn’t realize this before but I’ve found that traveling DIY traveling intimidates many men and women.  By composing travel aids that are detailed and sharing our experiences, I want people to understand that there’s nothing to be terrified of.  Planning your trips is simple and enjoyable!  In addition, the world is really safer than that which many men and women think.

Give us your’Top 5′ Record for one of these destinations, like a list of sorts

For Me Personally, it’s Turkey Japan, and Taiwan. 

Celebrity Travel Addicts: JB and Ren of Will Travel For Food

It’s Greece, Turkey, and Japan.

How many nations have you visited so far?

I’ll do a top 5 for Cappadocia, Turkey:

Your top three favorite cuisines?

21 and I’ve visited so much while Ren’s been to 18. Collectively, we’ve visited with 14.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: JB and Ren of Will Travel For Food

Favorite restaurant on earth?

For Me Personally, it’s Indian Japanese, and Thai.

For Ren, it’s Spanish, Italian, and French. Always the yin to my yang.

Your favorite traveling film?

That’s a tough one.  So one of my favorites would have to be this little diner at Portrero Hill I am huge on comfort food, San Francsico called for You.  I lived for a few years in San Francisco at least twice a month and I’d go there for brunch on Sundays.   I’d always order the same item — Creole crab cakes together along with two fried eggs, home fries, toast, and a facet of longganisa (Filipino sausage).  That dish of meals has been pure paradise.

International airport?

It’s Le Petit Bistro in West Hollywood. 

Celebrity Travel Addicts: JB and Ren of Will Travel For Food

She says it was not the best restaurant in the world but they did possess pommes frites and the flavorful lamb chops.  She has been telling me about it for the last 14 years!

City using the friendliest folks?

We observe one movie a year at most so this really is a demanding one.  Then I would have to mention Lord of the Rings, if the definition of a fantastic travel movie is one that motivates you to visit that place.  It made me wish to see New Zealand.  I do.

Your favorite?

That’s easy — Changi Airport in Singapore. 

Ren and I despise so we arrive a few hours 16, rushing to get a trip.  When you to do as Changi, it will help.

Very best method you kill time?

I would have to state all of Turkey.  Turkish individuals are hospitable and warm and they always made us feel like family.  We like most countries we visit but we don’t necessarily want to dwell there.  We’d be delighted to dwell in Turkey.

What’s the most exotic place you have been taken by your livelihood?

That could be Ren.  I really don’t like having anyone else along with us on excursions.  I like it to be only us each moment.

Your piece of traveling suggestions for somebody who’s going to embark on a life of traveling?

Take lots of photos.  I enjoy taking photographs and videos on our excursions.  I get lost inside time and my own world seems to fly by when you’re behind that shutter.

What are 4 things you could never travel without?

Thus far, it might have to be Cappadocia in Turkey.  That location is like no other.  It’s like being on Mars!  As bizarre and unfamiliar as the landscape appears, we felt strangely at home there.  We’d like to go back.

What’s your dream destination?

Never be eligible.  Do not forget that you’re just like a guest in somebody else’s home If you’re traveling in a foreign nation.  I’ve seen too many tourists that act as though they have the place and also gets my blood boil each moment.  Don’t be like that.  Rather, always be mindful and respectful of their customs and the people.  You would not want anyone being disrespectful in your home do you?

We see you’ve traveled a lot in Asia, which nation should a timer to Asia visit?

My DSLR, iPhone, pocket wifi apparatus (that I lease at each country), and power bank.  It’s all about staying attached and compiling content for our site.

Your favorite traveling quotation?

I have many but one of my top would be Antarctica.  It’s like Going to the Earth’s Conclusion!  I’ve read that you’ll have to take a cruise from Ushuaia, Argentina to reach Antarctica.  Since watching the movie Happy Together I’ve been attempting to visit Ushuaia, the southernmost town in the world.  Likely to Antarctica would be killing two birds.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: JB and Ren of Will Travel For Food

Where to next?

Ren doesn’t have some dream destinations, but she would like to ride the Orient Express.

For a westerner, I would have to state Singapore.  It’s a modern town and a good introduction to Asia.  The language barrier makes it increasingly difficult although I’d recommend Japan or even South Korea.  Many folks speak English in Singapore is simple.  In addition, together with Singapore being contemporary and tidy, it’s less compared to developing nations like Thailand, the Philippines, or even Malaysia.  After they have gotten a taste of Asia they can progress to all those countries.

I wrote a First-Timer’s travel manual that travellers may discover helpful.  They can check it out HERE.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: JB and Ren of Will Travel For Food

“Eat well, travel often.”

We Are going in April to Vietnam! 

So we’re super excited, ren’s been dying to receive her hands on their street food. We’ll be seeing Halong Bay, Hanoi, Hoi An, and Ho Chi Minh.  It will be an food trip.

Ren & JB are the Traveleaters Supporting Will Fly for Food, a travel blog for the gastronomically inclined.

Food plays a major role so they have made it their mission to consume AND recreate the national dish of every country.  Follow also their National Dish Quest and them at Will Fly for Food.  Connect with Ren and JB on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.