VIDEO: Wynwood Breweries

In this episode I’m at the Wynwood Arts District at Miami.

In case you did not know here at Wynwood we are lucky enough get three of them and South Florida is a hotspot for breweries. Here are the 3 Wynwood breweries!

First up is Wynwood Brewing, Miami craft production brewery. We had a chance to observe their experimental side of the brewery and the process. It’s time to try a few of their beers.

Michelle Fernandez, the GM of the Tap Room takes of via a bit of Their history of the brewery.

VIDEO: Wynwood Breweries

There Gold-Medal winning beer that the Pop’s Porter and I attempted of a few of their beers, it’s so great!

Up is Concrete Beach Brewery, they make beers inspired by the culture and flavors of Miami. Jesse Morris that the Keeper of the House explains to us.

We dip in and attempt a trip of beer, after taking a tour of the brewery. The primary one is their beer that the Stiltsville Pilsner, Miami Gras along with also 2 IPA’s. I Really like the!! of IPA

Finally we see J Wakefield brewery, they are renowned because of their Florida Weiss Sour Beers! Jonathon Wakefield the creator explains the concept behind the brewery. They combine them with local fruit and focus on beers that are sour.

Was El Jefe. It’s delicious, if you like Coconut you have to try this beer! Also their variation dreamsicol is soo great! Envision a dozen different flavors hitting you!

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VIDEO: Wynwood Breweries

Those were the three Wynwood breweries! You have to see when you visit Miami. In case you love beer, please comment below!