24 Hours in Santa Teresa

Once we decided to spend 24 hours at Santa Teresa we were to Costa Rica.

We had started our journey and were now on our approach to Santa Teresa thanks.

The restaurant at Playa Carmen, Palms down Whenever we arrived to the Santa Teresa area, we Ended in Playa Carmen to eat at Product C Fish Market.

We purchased two fish bowls as well as two Crohn’s with rum. Great all about, and do not miss this place as you push Santa Teresa.

After we were done eating we started to walk round the Playa Carmen Commercial Center.  Apart from Product C, also the center has many other restaurants and stores, including a jewelry shop we visited called Del Monserrat. They sell exquisite custom made jewelry and people ended up conversing with the owner, Esteban Monseratt and purchasing a silver necklace.

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After telling Esteban that we had nowhere to live that night, he told us about a stylish hostel within Santa Teresa that we ought to check out called Selina Hostel. Taking his advice, we drove over to Selina at Santa Teresa.

24 Hours in Santa Teresa

Selina Santa Teresa is more of a 4 story park and is the largest hostel on the primary road. Selina is greater than a hostel. It is a curated experience which cares about the neighborhood.

24 Hours in Santa Teresa

The Hostel was for, it had an entire schedule of events and an amazing vibe. We chose to get a Suite for the night and were amazed that this Hostel felt more like a Hotel. I would recommend this hostel to anyone. They have rooms together with A/C as well as rooms for you and your buddies if you want to share.  Selina certainly is the ideal hostel at Santa Teresa.

Did I say that it’s a stroll to the shore? Not just any beach. Santa Teresa Beach. Come here for sundown and make sure to thank me. What an experience.

We were tired that night so we went to bed to make sure and wake up early in the morning to see with a secret cave which everybody talked about at Mal Pais. The terrific thing here is that we had our 4×4, so we made our way to Mal Pais and hopped on in. After a brief walk we reached that the”secret cave”. We spent about an hour here relaxing by the stones and taking pictures.  Make sure once you see Selina, to ask about this cave, they understand all about it.

We led over to Playa Hermosa for another spectacular sunset and scheduled a surf lesson, when we arrived back to Selina Hostel.

This time round, from Selina Hostel, Lore, because of our great surf instructor , we do much better. Lore is also the seasoned surfer chick anywhere near Santa Teresa along with a surfer. We’d like to thank her very much for bringing us here. Theres nothing like browsing during sundown on the Nicoya Peninsula.

24 Hours in Santa Teresa

We would again like to thank for making this an amazing experience, Selina Hostel. Look no further when reserving a live in Santa Teresa. Pura Vida!

Photos by Carlos de Varona from Chromahouse.

24 Hours in Santa Teresa

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