Top 10 Things to See and Do in Meteora, Greece

Favorite restaurant in Bangkok?

1. Riding the Peak Tram to visit Victoria Peak, the highest point on Hong Kong Island and best spot to admire the sparkling skyscrapers;

Meet Lek, the Elephant Whisperer

To experience some of London’s darker history, I suggest visiting the Tower of London. History buffs will delight in the bloody tales told by the tower’s guards and the magnificent crown jewels exhibition.

Meet Lek, the Elephant Whisperer

Best Spa: Belmond Maroma

Just inside the town gate that is first is a restaurant whose food made my taste buds stir at the morning of my second day in Hangzhou. I am all about striving conventional foods once I travel, and this spot did not disappoint 1 bit!

Where to Stay in Birmingham

Travel can be expensive. Do you have the funds you need? Some destinations might be a little out of reach, and you never want to find yourself stranded in a foreign country with no money and no place to stay.

Types of travel insurance: Single trip versus multi trip

Where to eat: Vino Bar Bure in Magnolia Square (Širok Sokak, 37). The menu is a mix of Balkan favorites, Turkish specialties, and oven-baked pizzas.

Types of travel insurance: Single trip versus multi trip

1. Learn how to compose a great photo.

It’s always Italy – I’ve still got so much to explore! But other than that I’d love to spend a few months exploring central and South America.

1. Learn how to compose a great photo.

Cultural Expertise: Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve

It started largely because of my time travel blogging. In fact, I was invited on a small FAM trip in Kyrgyzstan to highlight a little up and coming destination called Jyrgalan in 2015 (a post from that, for those interested) and on the way back to Bishkek I got into a long conversation with the head of the sponsor project (USAID’s Business Growth Initiative) about tourism development in the country and specifically how the World Nomad Games could be improved for the 2016 iteration.  Some months later they got in touch to ask if I’d be interested in working with them to arrange a FAM trip for those 2016 World Nomad Games, and I’ve been working with similar projects since (including a stint as a cartographer, as well, working with local partners to make trekking maps in areas across Kyrgyzstan where those either didn’t exist or were severely out of date).

How did the landscape form?

The mouthwatering items on Midwood’s menu includes a quesadilla filled with your choice of smoked brisket, pork, or chicken along with caramelized onions and poblano peppers; pimento cheese fries topped with either chopped pork or beef brisket; a chuck and brisket burger known as The Roadhouse; and hickory-smoked pulled chicken dressed in a South Carolina mustard sauce. The food at Midwood is top notch, and the cooks created a dazzling flavor sensation I won’t soon forget.