10 Places You Must See in Northeast India

I am a firm believer that everybody should make the trip to India at least. It’s a beautiful civilization unlike any other a charming, friendly, and most very diverse country which boasts amazing historic websites, and some of the most incredible street food on the planet. When most people think of India, the overpopulated metropolises of both Mumbai and Delhi likely come to mind, but there is a lesser-explored region of India that many travelers miss : the states of Assam and Meghalaya, that can be home to 10 places you must visit in northeast India.


I had the pleasure of spending 2 weeks in Assam and Meghalaya, two of the Seven Sisters (the seven contiguous states which make up northeast India) in March of 2019. After spending 6 weeks in some of the biggest towns of the country I had been blown off by the marked gap between these and the underrated part of the subcontinent. These Indian countries, located in the shadow of the Himalayan Mountains, which are more pristine and largely untouched, and the food is rather different from that in other parts of the country.

Manas National Park

Northeast India is full and beautiful and mysterious of intriguing new discoveries waiting to be created around each turn. These are the 10 places you must visit in northeast India.


Along the southern bank of the Brahmaputra River in the state of Assam is Guwahati, the biggest region in among those cities in India, the largest town in Assam, and also northeast India. Because the town is said in myths, legends, and numerous epics, it is believed that Guwahati is among those towns of Asia. It’s also the point of entrance into Assam and the rest of the Seven Sisters.


Nicknamed”the City of Temples” because of its many Hindu temples, Guwahati is a wonderful place to learn more about the Hindu religion. Its size means it is also not as crowded or busy as the heavily-touristed megacities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Bengaluru, and there to relish. The street food is incredible; you will find a lot of flavorful and unique non-veg (beef ) dishes which are very different from their counterparts in other parts of India.

Dawki (Mawlynnong & Shnongpdeng)

Animal lovers visiting northeast India ought to set aside some time to venture outside into the Himalayan foothills which skirt the Bhutan border in Assam, where they’ll find Manas National Park, also a 366.8-square-mile wildlife sanctuary, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Project Tiger Reserve, elephant reserve, and biosphere reserve on a 3-hour drive from Guwahati. The playground has a long history, during which it had been named a sanctuary in 1928, but wasn’t formally established as a national park.


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10 Places You Must See in Northeast India

Kaziranga National Park

10 Places You Must See in Northeast India

The varied habitats of manas National Park also which makes it the ideal house for endangered species such as the Bengal florican, wild water buffalo, and also about 80-90 Royal Bengal tigers, reptiles, birds, and dinosaurs.


I strongly suggest getting there early on the afternoon and staying at the night so that you get two full days, which will provide you with ample time! Tiger sightings are infrequent, but even without a doubt, Manas National Park is easily one of those 10 places you should visit in northeast India!

Majuli Island

While visiting the states of Assam and Meghalaya, it could be a mistake to overlook on Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya. The mountain station is found in the center of the Shillong Plateau and is surrounded by hills, three of which (Lum Sohpetbneng, Lum Diengiei, and Lum Shillong) are respected in Khasi heritage.


The food in Shillong is extremely different from other parts of India; the most normal diet here is packed with both pork and beef. I seen markets where the carcasses are butchered in view. While I had been in town that the people and civilization in Shillong seemed to be influenced by those in southeast Asian states than the rest of India, I noticed. For the very best street food in town, I highly recommend making a trip. You can not go wrong with whatever there!

Any trip to northeast India has to incorporate a trip to the town of Cherrapunjee, more commonly known as Sohra. Found 2 hours from Shillong, Cherrapunjee retains the all time biggest record for the maximum amount of rain in a month (370 inches in July of 1861) plus a year (1,041.8 inches, roughly 86.8 ft, between August of 1860 and July of 1861), earning it the distinction of being the wettest place on Earth, a title it officially held for many years.

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The principal town includes a fundamental marketplace where you may have a wonderful lunch and buy beef, steak, and fish, however, the surrounding region is well famous for its lush, green canyons and deserts, which helped make Meghalaya the nickname”the Scotland of the East.” The landscapes on the ride down to Cherrapunjee reminded me a great deal of people in Lesotho, Africa’s skies kingdom.

The most popular attractions in the Cherrapunjee region are the living root bridges, that can be bridges created by the local Khasi men and women, who twist on the long, tendril-like origins of rubber bands , into bridges! These miracles that are stunning are worth it, although the hike takes approximately an hour. While you’re in the area, pay a visit to the magnificent waterfalls in the area such as NohKaLikai Falls, Kynrem Falls, and Daiñthlen Falls. Their beauty makes Cherrapunjee among those places you must visit in northeast India.

Dawki is a City in the West Jaintia Hills district of Meghalaya, located along the border between Bangladesh and India.

Located in the Dawki region is Mawlynnong’s village, and it was named the most populous village in Asia in 2003 and is noted for its cleanliness. Here, all waste, garbage, or debris placed in bamboo bins and around the streets is accumulated by the locals , and smoking and using plastic are banned. All residents are mandated to take part in maintaining its cleanliness. There is also an old church and a bamboo tree home, from which you’ll be able to see Bangladesh.

Another nearby village is located currently Shnongpdeng, that is located across the Umngot River. The lake’s waters are clear as glass, making boats look as if they’re drifting in mid-air! I suggest carrying a boat ride down the river; you could see the clear waters up close, see the local fishermen work, watch the suspension and bamboo bridges which span the river, and now you’ll be able to go for a swim. The majority of the folks who live in the region are Khasis, therefore there is a church in the village. Additionally, there are great places to have a lunch that is non-veg that is delicious.

If you find yourself in the Dawki place, do not miss out on Shnongpdeng and Mawlynnong. They’re both gems which are easily one of the top places you must visit in northeast India!

You need to take a while to research a city of approximately 100,000 residents that lies across the bank of the Brahmaputra River, Tezpur if you are interested in knowing more about the background of northeast India. It has about a 3-hour push from Guwahati and 5 hours from Shillong. This historic Assamese city’s name translates into”town of blood,” that comes from a legend in a heroic struggle between Lord Shiva and Krishna’s military, which led to a much bloodshed that everything has been stained red.

Tezpur is known as the funds of culture, including performances of local native dances such as the Bagurumba and the Bihu dance. Devotion into Shiva is clear in Tezpur, together with Hindu temples dedicated to him in and around town. I can not suggest the street food in Tezpur enough; it is simply divine. I couldn’t get enough of it and if you are a foodie like me, you will not be able to!

10 Places You Must See in Northeast India

Nature fans visiting northeast India are in for a special treat if they venture outside into the Golaghat and Nagaon Districts of Assam, where they’ll find Kaziranga National Park, a 166-square-mile tiger reserve, Important Bird Area, national park, and UNESCO World Heritage Site that’s noted for its high number of species diversity, conservation efforts, and also varied environments, including grasslands, marshes, tropical forests, and rivers.

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Kaziranga National Park is a wonderful place to visit if you are looking to spot a wide variety of animals including macaques, leopards, otters, pangolins, herons, fish eagles, crocodiles, Bengal cobras, rock pythons, brown mountain tortoises, box turtles, geckos, and water paths, and of course, the park’s”Big 5″: Asian elephants, Royal Bengal tigers, that the swamp deer, wild water buffalo, and the star of the playground, the more one-horned rhinoceros.

I suggest going on two to three match drives, all of which can be a great and worthwhile experience you will remember for the rest of your life and staying. The game forces make Kaziranga National Park one of the very best places you must visit in northeast India!

If you are traveling through Assam, a stop in Jorhat is inevitable. It’s still an important metropolitan center in northeast India, while it’s a city having a population of just 154,000. The town, which covers 42 square kilometers from the Upper Assam region of the state, is famous for its high literacy rate, its numerous institutions for higher learning, and the large number of creative writers, journalists, musicians, and historians who have been born in town.

10 Places You Must See in Northeast India

Foodies having a hankering for all things fiery will be in heaven here, as many street foods such as hot pani puri momos, and chicken wings. I’ll add a word of caution, however: I’m a connoisseur of hot food, and that I could hardly handle it! Those who favor milder fare will delight in pork and the local duck. Sightseers should make sure to check out the Ladai Garh fort the Hoollongapar Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary, and the Dhekiakhowa Bor Namghar temple.

10 Places You Must See in Northeast India

Take care to not miss Majuli Island, the world’s biggest river island, that can be located in the Brahmaputra River and is accessible via ferries located roughly 30 minutes from Jorhat After you pass through Jorhat. Majuli Island is famous for its satras, which function as schools for various components of Assamese tradition Even though the island’s wetlands function as homes for dinosaurs, deer, and tigers.

Among the most intriguing experiences of my northeast India trip occurred on the staircase at the Natun Shamaguri Satra. The trained craftsmen there have generated magnificent and intricate masks of changing shapes and dimensions which include likenesses of demons, gods, and other mythical beings since the 17th century! If you’d like to catch a bite to eat, I suggest quitting at a few of the hotels or tiny restaurants on the island to get some food, especially the pork!

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10 Places You Must See in Northeast India


If you are interested in visiting Majuli Island, then I strongly suggest arriving at least 40 minutes early because there is limited space and three cars can fit on one. Once onboard the ferry, it takes an hour to return because of the present of the river and then two hours to get into the island. Since the island is easily one of the places you should visit in northeast India the trip is worth it, however!

Found in the Dehing Rainforest where the Brahmaputra and Lohit Rivers match is your Sivsagar, a city of 51,000 approximately 90 minutes north of Jorhat that served as the Ahom Kingdom’s capital by 1699 to 1788. Remnants from its heyday can still be viewed in the city, Even though the Ahom Kingdom ruled Assam for six hundred years till they fell to the Burmese in 1819.

Popular websites in and around Sivasagar comprise Rang Ghar Pavilion, that will be among those oldest-surviving amphitheaters in Asia and hosted on sporting events such as bull fights such as kings and nobles; Sivsagar Sivadol, also a stunning Hindu temple complex that’s dedicated to Shiva, Vishnu, and Durga; Joysagar Tank, the biggest artificial lake in India, that was constructed in 1697; and also the exquisite Gargaon Palace, which served as the royal seat of the Ahom Kingdom.

10 Places You Must See in Northeast India

A stay in town ought to be enough if you are just looking to sightsee in town, however I suggest two days if you want to take some day trips into the cultural and historical sites in the neighboring region. After checking out the websites, I suggest heading outside and finding some pork, a delicious delicacy which had my mouth watering!

A trip to the states of Assam and Meghalaya is a chance to familiarize yourself with an India that very few Westerners know about, an India that’s every bit as rich in culture and history as the bigger and more popular cities, however has its own cuisine and is almost devoid of tourists. Immerse yourself today by booking a trip there!

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10 Places You Must See in Northeast India