VIDEO: Things to Eat in Torshavn, Faroe Islands

Here we explore the Faroe Islands’ capital town of Torshavn’s tastes. In this episode, David and the three best restaurants in the capital: Koks Aarstova and Etika visit. Our first stop is Aarstova. Located in one of the earliest houses in Torshavn (dating back to the 1600’s), this unique restaurant specializes in pastoral Faroese cuisine.

Using local ingredients and family-style functioning, Aarstova plays off the antiquated atmosphere of the home giving its guests a unforgettable dining experience. If you adore shellfish, poultry or fish (their signature braised lamb leg dish is incredible!) , then a visit to this Torshavn restaurant is essential!

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The Faroe Islands are known across the globe for their amazing seafood. The Faroe Islands’ capital town of Torshavn is (amazingly ) house to just 1 sushi restaurant, Etika. Etika takes the Islands’ ocean specialties and crafts them to some of the world sushi creations.

With this kind of ingredients including some of the world’s greatest salmon in their hands, Etika is ready to generate tasty arrangements with standards and quality which compete with all the very best restaurants. Dining in Etika is a absolute necessity, if you’re a sushi lover looking to sample some of the freshest sushi in the world!

And we saved the best for Koks Restaurant. A modern, fusion restaurant perched on a hill overlooking the little funding, Koks serves up classic cuisine with a Michelin Star-worthy spin. Each choice on the menu was infused with flavors and ingredients, giving guests an exclusive taste of what the Faroe Islands have to offer you.

VIDEO: Things to Eat in Torshavn, Faroe Islands

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VIDEO: Things to Eat in Torshavn, Faroe Islands

I decided to proceed with a yummy tasting menu. What better way to explore the very best of what your destination is to offer than through its food? Next time you’re traveling to the Faroe Islands, then make sure to stop into Koks Restaurant- a culinary travel!

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