Celebrity Travel Addicts: Tah and Jimmy of Divert Living

In this edition of Celebrity Travel Addicts , we and fulltime nomads and traveling bloggers talk Jimmy and Tah of these energetic duo called Divert Living. We speak regarding the exceptional circumstances which brought them together, what caused them to want to team up to traveling the planet, what to do in one of their destinations, plus more with them! Learn what their dream destination is and in which Jimmy and Tah are headed!

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Tah and Jimmy of Divert Living

How did your passion for traveling get started?

JIMMY: My enthusiasm for traveling all began back in 2015 when I had been stationed in Osan South Korea to my trip in the US Army. Being out of my comfort zone has been an adventure in itself although I never believed I would really like to travel.

Just how many days/weeks are you travel in any given calendar year? What are the kinds of places you like to see?

TAH: After I Made Thailand to South Korea I found a excitement of Travel around, tasting the local cuisine, Stirring in Civilizations and explore things

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Tah and Jimmy of Divert Living

You run your travel site, Divert Living, with your own girlfriend Tah. How did you two meet and what were the factors in making the decision to traveling the globe?

We’ll travel for 305 days, this season. We traveled to a lot of Asia. We favor more of countryside and character travel but every once in a while we’ll explore important cities too.

Would you tell us a little about Divert? What causes it to stand out among all the travel articles out there?

JIMMY: While I had been stationed in Osan back in 2015 Tah was just ending up her monetary level at Ajou University (Back in South Korea). We met during her last semester before my trip had finished. We both loved to travel and research together but never envisioned it to become our jobs. Soon after I had left to be stationed stateside and she began her career in finance we quickly realized that we missed every other and traveling .

The two of you are 100% nomadic and live out of suitcases. What are a few of the positives and negatives of that type of lifestyle?

With the business it can be tough to stand out however we actually feel that quality material paired with actual, information that is useful is . A great deal of articles online is repetitive and lacks. With effort and research we believe standing out will never be a problem.

What do you want audiences to obtain and learn from the job?

Nomadic that is 100% is so many people’s fantasy. Always and to travel the world be in a new location is right? It is a fantasy and we are really blessed to do so, sometimes we simply miss the easy things and miss repetition. We’ve noticed how quickly we’ve started to miss eating certain foods, or walking up in the exact identical area and being together with friends and loved ones. You have limited time with the folks that you love in your life and if you are constantly on the road that’s time you won’t ever get back.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Tah and Jimmy of Divert Living

What are?

Real info. A lot of occasions I have been online looking for items and finding things to find out of the info is wrong. It is just nothing like we watched or read online. We would like to provide a one-stop-shop for all info needed for an excursion.

Give us your’Top 5′ list for a few of the top 3 destinations. Like a list of types or a mini-guide. It may be anything from your favourite hotel, the ideal spot to have lunch, the ideal sightseeing, etc..

Indonesia, Mexico and the Philippines.

How many countries have you visited up to now?

Stay in Dumaguete Philippines

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Tah and Jimmy of Divert Living

What are the top 3 favourite cuisines?

Visit Apo Island

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Tah and Jimmy of Divert Living

What’s your favourite restaurant in the world? What dish would you recommend there?

Inambakan Falls

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Tah and Jimmy of Divert Living

What’s your traveling movie?

Cafe Racer Diner BBQ (Dumaguete)

What’s your global airport?


Which city had the friendliest people?

Lechon, Numtok, SumTum

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Tah and Jimmy of Divert Living

Who is your traveling companion?

Favorite Street Cart is by the dish is Numtok and Victory Monument in BKK

What’s the perfect way to kill time?

No Escape haha

What’s the most exotic location you have been taken by your career?


What’s your bit of traveling tips for somebody who wishes to, or is about to, embark on a lifetime of traveling?


They call it the town of people that are gentle.

What are without?

JIMMY: Tah, of course.

What’s your dream destination?


What’s your traveling quotation?

Remote island in Indonesia.

Where are you headed?

Locate the section of traveling that actually makes you joyful and stick to that. If its regional life, stay in the rural areas and see that the life that is neighborhood that is real. When it’s the hustle and the cities research the side of it.


JIMMY: Tah, camera, Google Maps, sunscreen (You know That I love the island Lifetime )


“Fear is only temporary. Regret lasts forever.”

Kazakhstan in four hours.

Thai Millennials and american abandoned their careers in finance and army to become storytellers & traveling inspirers. Beginning the life span of non-stop traveling because September, 2017 using $4000 in savings account. Sharing our travel along the way of life we’ve always dreamed of — travel along with being able to work wherever we adore (as long as there are still Wi-Fi and java ).

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Tah and Jimmy of Divert Living

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